Sam LOmingshum has been photographing and designing for more than 10 years. He is originally from Hong Kong, have also lived and worked in Singapore and Macau. Sam currently reside in London, working for one of the most well-known hotel design company in the industry. He is constantly traveling for work and exploring the world. So far, he has set foot in nearly 30 counties in the world.

     Sam is keen on capturing any given beautiful moments. He has a way to blend into the space and interact with the crowds so that no one felt awkward when being photographed. He is sensitive to light use and he would keep the photographs authentic to the moments. Sam also enjoys taking architecture and landscape shots, to explore and express the relationship between human & places.

     Hope you enjoyed the moments that shared in this web page. If you like the aesthetics and are looking for photographer. Please contact. Sam would love to help grabbing that moments for you.

Current location
Hackney, London, UK 

+44 757 2143 949 ​

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self portrait (2011)